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Lost At Sea

Motion Sickness - Revival Recordings

Dallas trio Lost at Sea were recently known as Corusco, but seemingly made the decision to change their name to better represent that feeling (familiar to many) of uncertainty following school/college finishing and the sometimes overwhelming task of dealing with real life. These are these themes Lost at Sea explore across the 10 tracks that make up their debut full length Motion Sickness.

Three singles were dropped ahead of the street date; Collider, On My Own and The Albatross, with the latter being the standout of these, including a fantastic bass riff and swirling guitars enveloping a desperate tale of the sickness felt having left things unsaid amid a constant inner voice trying to convince yourself that it will be all be ok. New Eyes is another standout, ratcheting up the tempo and energy, only let down by a slightly pedestrian chorus which is such a disappointment as the opening bars and the verse promised what could have been an album defining moment, only to just fall short.

There is a lull in the middle of Motion Sickness as we hit Movements, Skeleton Key and Overgrown. Slower in tempo and less memorable than what’s come before on first listen, but these simply demand more time and upon further listens slowly reveal their charm and do succeed in keeping your fingers off the skip button.

Push-Pull, Create or Destroy and Dust and Bone close out the album with some aplomb, with Create and Destroy another highlight that has the opposite problem of New Eyes with a killer, melody rich chorus that you could ultimately miss as the intro and verse give little indication of what was to come.

Ultimately it may feel I’m being a little harsh here, but the reality is I like this record a lot, but was frustrated as so many of the good moments could have been outstanding. That said, this lays down a really solid foundation for a band who clearly know the direction they want to move in and leaves you excited for what is to come next.

Motion Sickness from Lost at Seais out now via Revival Recordings