Louis XIV – The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

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Louis XIV

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept - Pineapple Recording Group

A few months ago, The Pineapple Recording Group ( a sub label of Atlantic Records) released Louis XIV‘s Illegal Tender onto the world. It was a five song EP meant to build up anticipation and get people wound up for the band’s new full length CD to be released in March. Fast forward to March, and they are now releasing that full length. And like the EP, the cover for The Best Little Secrets Are Keptfeatures a scantly clad woman and the songs are unlike any you’ve heard before.

They are a band unlike any other you’ve ever heard in your life, blending more genres together – rock, jazz, bluegrass – than you would think to be possible. And they do it all in style too. There’s some songs likeLouis XIV or Finding Out True Love Is Blind which brings up some memories of bands likeThe Vines or The White Stripes while songs like God Killed The Queen or Ball Of Twine makes the listener remember older bands like Lou Reed.

They throw twists and turns everywhere you look. From the soothing guest vocal styles of Lindsey Troy, the clapping and twangy guitars during Illegal Tender, the more spoken then sung vocals in Pledge Of Allegiance (which is one of the standouts of the album) to the much slower, piano driven All The Little Pieces and even the six minute Ball Of Twine which almost has no vocals at all.

If you’re getting bored of hearing the same old thing over and over again, be it pop-punk, emo, or whatever it is; and are begging for a change just for 40 minutes, then The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is for you. Its innovative, never boring, and definitely an interesting sound.