Lovedrug – Pretend You’re Alive

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The Lovedrug

Pretend You're Alive - The Milita Group

This CD is odd. I was so set to review this CD for you guys maybe as little as half an hour ago. I thought this CD was boring and monotonous. Each song sounded the same to me. They were slow, melodic, piano driven songs. Most of which lasted over 5 minutes in length. I felt that they dragged on too long. There wasn’t anything that ever grabbed me, there was never anything that made the songs jump out, there was nothing that made the songs memorable, nothing that made them exciting, or even worth the listen. It was the same thing over and over again. Silky smooth vocals sung by the pianist, with soft, gentle drumming, and even softer guitar riffs in each and every song. A few times they picked it up a notch, but not by much, it wasn’t anything that really made them stick out anymore then before. Like I said before: it was boring. But then again, whenever I was listening to Lovedrug‘s Pretend You’re Alive, I was always really happy. Then, around 30 minutes around, I started feeling a little down. You know, talking to that girl you like that you’ll never stand a chance with and all that crap. And anyway, the title track came on, and I thought to myself, this isn’t bad. I liked the silky smooth vocals and soft piano melodies that I hated just 40 minutes before. The chorus was amazing, “It’s friends that leave you here, so hold your head up high and pretend that you’re alive again“. It was sung catchy, softly, and melodically, and it was something you could connect with.

So that got me thinking, maybe this CD isn’t too bad. But it all depends on your mood. I mean, if you are incredibly hyper, energetic, and happy, then this slow, melodic, slightly depressing sound won’t get to you. You need something faster, more high energy, and just overall more pleasing. But if you are sad, more solemn, and not up for a very uplifting tune, then this could be perfect for you. I don’t think I’ll listen to it much, cause I tend to be a happy guy and I think that my initial reaction will be the one I feel most of the time. But there will be that odd time where I am feeling down, and I may just reach for that soft slow song,Pretend You’re Alive, to sing along to.