Richard Cheese – Aperitif For Destruction

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Richard Cheese

Aperitif For Destruction - Surfdog Records

My dad is full of little nuggets of wisdom. I remember watching a movie with him a year or so ago and being played in the credits was a cover of one of his old favorites. Afterwards, we had a discussion about cover songs and cover bands, and he said “if you can’t make the song better then it originally was, then why bother re-doing it?” (or something to that effect). When he said that, I thought about it, but ignored it as I was currently listening to some Me First & The Gimme Gimmes. But immediately after hearing Richard Cheese‘s Aperitif For Destruction – I knew he was right. If you can’t make a song better then it originally was, then you shouldn’t cover it, because then you just ruin the classic tune.

Richard Cheese covers everything possible here on Aperitif For Destruction, including Green Day, The Killers, Slipknot, Guns ‘N’ Roses, U2, Violent Femmes, Alanis Morissette, Black Eye Peasand even USA For Africa‘s We Are The World. He takes classic songs and soon-to-be classics like Welcome To The Jungle, American Idiot, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Let’s Get It Started and transforms them into “danceable”, laughable lounge songs. He takes the famed melodies and re-writes them in upbeat, happy melodies that you would hear in a crappy late night bar scenes on TV. And when he tries to be funny, it fails miserably. On Bell Div Devoe‘s cover of Do Me where he sings “You can dome in the morning, you can dome in the night…” before the recorder stops to correct him. The little fight between the two is supposed to spark a smile, but it just makes you reach for skip.

Right away, this album is impossible to take seriously even before you play it. The bright orange sticker saying “This Is The Best CD Ever! – Richard Cheese” and the close up of the panties (being worn) proudly proclaiming “I *heart* Dick” just gives you a shudder of cheesiness. Then, the CD doesn’t do much to change your mind. Quite frankly, one of the only good parts of the CD is the sarcastic line in We Are The World: “We are the world, keep Michael Jackson away from your children!” the rest just gives you a headache.