Self Against City – Take It How You Want It

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Self Against City

Take It How You Want It - Drive-Thru Records is a useful tool, ask any upcoming band and they’ll agree. Self Against City is the perfect example of that. After recording two songs and placing them up on their ever growing site, Richard Reines of Drive-Thru Records heard them. At that time, they were in the middle of creating a sister label called Rushmore Records and having liked the band, Reines made Self Against City the first band signed with the new label.

As everyone knows, Drive-Thru Records is famed for releasing some of the best pop-punk bands available, and Rushmore Records seems to be following in their footsteps with Self Against City. Although this isn’t one of the “best pop-punk bands” around, they do make pretty solid pop-punk melodies. Jonathan Temkin’s vocals are melodic and somewhat catchy, slightly boyish but avoid the whiny, nasally tone that comes with so many pop-punk bands. Throughout the course of the six-song EP, there’s nothing too innovative that really sticks out while listening to it. The lyrics are good, but nothing too outstanding, the beats are catchy and slightly energizing, but nothing you can’t find in Drive-Thru Records back catalogue. The best song by far is the CD-titled track, Take It How You Want It, which immediately starts out with an amazing, foot tapping guitar riff that they bring back a few times throughout the song.

But really, what makes them different from all the other pop-punk acts out there? Sadly, nothing. While Self Against City‘s Take It How You Want It is a decent pop-punk album, its nothing you haven’t heard before. Its not bad, just not that good or outstanding either, pretty mediocre. Although one thing for sure is that it is a very smooth and easy listen and I will almost guarantee that any major pop-punk fan will find something that they like in this EP.