Senior Discount – This Is Not The End

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Senior Discount

This Is Not The End - Self Released

Senior Discount, the Rhode Island based pop punk band fronted by Chuck Stanton have just dropped their first full length record, This is Not The End and as with a lot of debuts it has moments of genius as well as its fair share of WTF? ones. On the whole, it is pretty successful, with tracks like Light On and I Don’t Know Why showcasing the band’s songwriting skills, even if slightly nasal vocals devalue them a little. Lyrically the record doesn’t tread any new ground, but their take on angry stories delivered in a weird, almost saccharine sweet style that makes it all sound so nice adds a cool dynamic I’ve not heard before. Musically the band is tight, with Staton joined by Matt Kelly on guitar, Abe Correia on Bass and Christian Staton on drums and it’s easy to see how well they work together – everything just fits together as it should.

Despite the record being schizophrenic in places, there are elements of screamo (Never Say Never), straight up pop punk (Cindy, Afterlife) but then they go all alt-folk(Your Broken Stereo), I actually quite liked it, and that feeling grew as I listened to it more. That diversity starts to sound a bit more cohesive and the lyrics, like: We never talked about goodbye, your never asked about our death and afterlife (from Afterlife) or: I always said forever and now I say so long, these ties we cannot sever, how could I be so wrong? have a simple elegance to them which I only appreciated after multiple listens.

The album comes with bonus material, a live version of the weekly podcast Chuck Staton performs with his friend and comedy partner Brad Rohrer. The normal weekly version finds them sharing amusing stories about their lives, the band, and other projects they are both involved in (including a sitcom pilot that we see a clip from here). This particular one was filmed live and featured many guests and by their own admission was probably more structured than the normal weekly sessions. At the heart of it, it is comedy, and the closest comparison would be Clerks-era Kevin Smith, only slightly less funny and clever. Well, to me anyway. I have no doubt there is a large audience for the type of comedy that relies on basically taking the piss out of otheres, and if you’re one of those people, you will thoroughly enjoy this. That said, there are a number of bits that made me laugh out loud and more than a few ‘did they really need to go there?’ moments. It is interesting to see a different take on the bonus DVD that isn’t just studio or live footage, and for that Senior Discount, and Chuck in particular, must be given immense credit.