Single Release: Skywalker – Sugar House EP

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Sugar House - Self Released

Skywalker are a band originally based now in the Czech Republic, but who now straddle their home town of Prague and Liverpool in the UK, despite the band members now being separated by a significant distance they haven’t let this diminish their rise as they are set to release their new EP, Sugar House, at the start of September. Their latest EP follows on from 2015’s Ellis EP and precedes a tour across mainland Europe, including a series of headline shows in the UK, in support of the Sugar House EP.

The Sugar House EP is a release that combines urgent riffs, brutal breakdowns and a dual vocal delivery that is split between the clean and barked variants, and these are features that appear across all five tracks on the EP, but Skywalker avoid becoming any sort of one trick pony as each track has it’s own distinct character. Sugar House builds in intensity across the EP, with the final two tracks, Caffeine and Venom, reflecting the best elements of the almost schizophrenic approach to punk that that Skywalker deliver, the tracks veer between an almost metal approach and a frantic pop punk, with the emphasis very much on the punkier side.

Skywalker deliver a blend of skate punk riffs and brutal post hardcore, that sit alongside a few hard edged pop punk elements to deliver an unexpected and welcome hybrid. The barked vocal delivery and heavy delivery acknowledges a significant metalcore influence in their DNA, and if this kind of meeting between the brutal side of post hardcore and metalcore, and the more melodic side of punk rock, is to your tastes then you won’t find many who deliver it better than Skywalker.

Skwalker‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here