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At The Drive In

Diamanté - Rise Records

It’s been a successful year for At The Drive In, following their recent reformation they launched themselves into 2017, a year which saw them complete a successful world tour in the wake of the release of in • ter a • li • a, their critically acclaimed new album that marked their first new material in almost two decades. At The Drive In are now seeing out a memorable 2017 in style with the release of a brand new EP, Diamanté, that will be released on ten inch vinyl via Rise Records for the Record Store Day Black Friday event that takes place today, Friday November 24th.

Amid Ethics kicks things off with dark distortion heavy riff, and it opens the latest release from At The Drive In in fine discordant style, Despondent At High Noon continues the dark and more experimental style that pervades the Diamanté EP, and ensures that the EP offers something different, yet at the same time remaining reassuringly familiar, from At The Drive In. To underscore this feeling the final track, Point Of Demarkation, is a much more atmospheric number that carries a slower grinding menace than the tracks that preceded it, meaning that Diamanté is a release that ensures At The Drive In are finishing 2017 in style, before they kick off 2018 with a UK Spring tour.

If you actually want to get something worthwhile from Black Friday, rather than the usual array of discounted and outdated stock that is labelled as a bargain, then this should be an essential purchase for fans both old and new of At The Drive In, as Diamanté is the perfect companion release to their impressive full length, in • ter a • li • a, that was released earlier this year. Diamanté will only be available via your local independent record store on Record Store Day‘s Black Friday event that takes place today, Friday November 24th.

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