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Lee Resistant

Your Country - Self Released

Originally hailing from London, England, but now resident across the Atlantic in Ontario, Canada, Lee Resistant has a punk rock heart and a poet’s soul, and it all comes pouring out in his heartfelt songs of loss and hope, failure and redemption, bad times and worse luck. Lee Resistant has previously fronted UK punk band Fletcher and has left a trail of solo albums and singles in his wake over the last fifteen years. He self released the Your Country EP at the end of August 2017 and it is now available on CD, cassette and digital formats. 
Check The Faders immediately gives you an idea of what you’re in for on the Your Country EP, this is stripped down acoustic punk rock, but tracks such as I Belong To England, Just Live and the haunting Do Not Resuscitate bring the pace down and demonstrate an impressive depth to Lee Resistant‘s songwriting. The EP’s title track brings a heartfelt element into the mix before the upbeat track Not Me brings the Your Country EP to a close, with this latest release Lee Resistant has produced an arresting six track EP of songs that capture a raw emotional honesty, one that’s combined with the spirit of punk rock.
If you’re a fan of the likes of TV Smith, Billy Bragg and Michale Graves more recent albums, then Lee Resistant should be on your radar, embedded in each track there are subtle elements that stop the Your Country EP from being an EP of one dimensional folk punk, in particular the haunting guitar lines on Do Not Resuscitate. Your Country is a solid EP from a songwriter who is doing things on his own terms, and despite that lack of decibels that’ about as punk rock as it gets.
Lee Resistant‘s Facebook page can be found here
You can stream and purchase the Your Country EP here