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The Creature Comfort

Alone By Your Side - Self Released

Perpetual outsider psych punks The Creature Comfort, have released their new single, Alone By Your Side, today, the 16th March 2018. The new single follows on from What We Want (Power, Corruption And Lies) that was the first taste of the band’s new material since their self titled debut album was released four long years ago, now Alone By Your Side offers us the second insight into what to expect from their forthcoming sophomore album.

The opening riff tantalises you before it kicks in with The Creature Comfort‘s trademark mix of garage punk and punk that sit alongside some heady psych influences, and what Alone By Your Side delivers is three minutes of off kilter punk pop perfection that hits the spot nicely, and it’s also that rare beast of a single that manages to capture the energy that this unique quintet deliver live. The Creature Comfort have now been around in various incarnations, with a few extended breaks, since the late eighties, and the strength of their new material indicates that this is a band that is bucking the trend and are actually improving with age.

Previously my favourite track by The Creature Comfort was their irresistible 2013 single Sauce, but after exposure to their latest release I’m not so sure that this is the case anymore as Alone By Your Side is a delirious and infectious slab of garage punk that borders on perfection, and it’s a release that indicates that The Creature Comfort‘s forthcoming sophomore album is going to be something to treasure. The Creature Comfort have always been a band that have followed their instincts, and with Alone By Your Side they have released a single that deserves to see them catapulted into the spotlight. 

Alone By Your Side can be downloaded via Bandcamp here

The Creature Comfort‘s website is located here