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Machine Ready - Self Released

SYD.31 the brain child of Dr Magic is a phenomena in music that is as PUNK as you can get, with a sound that is made up of anything and everything, to create something that is truly original, something that has no boundaries to keep it in a neat box, that’s what the punk movement was and should be all about.

This album is a first for Dr Magic, and album that can be fully attributed to one person, a true solo album, the banner of SYD.31 normally comes with collaborations of sorts, but this is a lockdown album, so why not showcase your life and give it your all, and that’s exactly what this album does. A collection of life moments set to a soundscape as diverse as you can possibly be.

So let’s bring on the Hip-Hop, slice and dice the Hardcore, drop the Drum & Bass, slam in the Punk and mix up the funk.

The opener ‘Intro (A Night Visitor)’ easy you into ‘Broken Blank’ an assault on the senses that uses a Hip-Hop background (which is a main theme throughout the album) that is smothered in guitar riffs of pure Rock n Roll/Punk, filled by a vocal that spits out like an emotional cry in the dark, but with an anger of frustration.  

Showing this piece of work has no stone unturned in the life of the artist, ‘It Came to This’ is a screaming out at the lack of action from friends that hurts at times if need, angst filled vocals make no mistake in showing the pain this creates.  Then to bring in the one of the moodiest tracks of the album, with a powerful Joy Division esk Bass line deep in its soul, a song that draws a line under the emotions felt at the moment of breakdown.

‘Collapsing Stars’ is a huge stand out on the album, an intro that for me brings a New Order feel to the fore, all rocked up slice of glam and raucous guitar riffs, which sits perfectly with a lyric of, with youth comes the naivety of thinking we can change the world.  The whole form of this album starts to come to light now your half way through, or at least that’s what you think!  Bring in ‘Imitating Art’ throw this to the wolves again, a beautiful story of being cold and not knowing if you’re going to survive, which can be related to in so many others ways, a heart rendering guitar riff makes the whole thing soar.

Act two of this album, as is how it feels to listen, is a much more sombre affair, plenty of angst as is found in the title track ‘Machine Ready’, social media takes your soul and all that, but the chilled angst (if there is such a thing), comes through so much more in songs like ‘We Turned The Lights Out’ with its reggae dub beat or ‘Disassemble Me’ which draws on the blues to covey a feeling of all consuming depression.

If you want an album that is complex and drives the you to want to listen more and gives you something extra on every listen, then this is for you. Beware you could feel emotionally drained to though.

Highly driven music, very unique and as out there as music should be.

Self released and out now, you can get your hands on it HERE

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