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The Casualties

Made in NYC - SideOneDummy Records

The Casualties are a punk band, plain and simple. For some people, that makes them easy targets; because just like the emo bands of today, The Casualties aren’t playing anything overly intelligent. Fast and simple punk rock with agitated lyrics about being punk and their displeasure with the system. It’s drunk punk and some people want more than that. However, for some, The Casualties are a God-send. They aren’t attempting to be something they aren’t, instead they’re just playing fast and hard just like the punks of old; and man are they fun to scream and slam along to.

Made In N.Y.C. documents that energy and excitement at a sold out show in New York. It documents the band playing through twenty-two tracks of no holds barred punk rock including fan favorites like Punx Unite, 40 Oz Casualty, Punk Rock Love, System Failed Us Again, Criminal Class and Ugly Bastard; and most importantly it documents the love that the fans have for the band as the excitement seeps through the speakers while Made In N.Y.C. plays through.

In a way, that is one of the most astonishing features of the release: the absolutely amazing sound quality. It is by far one of the best live recordings I have heard in a while as everything is clear and loud and it feels as if you’re actually there. The crowd is perfectly distinguishable which is something so many live CDs miss and without the crowd it just sounds like a cheap studio record. Made In N.Y.C. feels like a live album and feels like a Casualties show because the most entertaining aspect of their show is shouting along with them and Made In N.Y.C. lets you do and hear just that.

However, I will admit I was greatly disappointed by the DVD portion of this release. That’s not saying that it’s bad, it’s just that I expected so much more. I was expecting an in depth look into the history and life of The Casualties as I think that a documentary about that would be rather interesting. Instead, the disc is mostly live footage to accompany the CD with some sparse features about the band splattered throughout the performance. The live footage is filmed rather well and offers a nice visual companion to the music, but I rarely watch live DVDs and was wishing for a more documentary feel to it.

Still, as a release, it’s well worth it. People who hate The Casualties and street punk anthems should stay away from Made In N.Y.C. because like all their former releases, it won’t do anything to change your mind. But fans of the band or fans of live records will enjoy it because it sounds perfect and gives a little glimpse into a Casualties live show – just don’t go in expecting a great documentary or else you will be disappointed.