The Casualties – On The Front Line

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The Casualties

On The Front Line - SideOneDummy Records

The New York City punkers known as The Casualties are back with a new record, On The Front Line. Like their previous releases, On The Front Line gives us exactly what we need. A fast paced album which throws off energy and anger towards everyone who listens to it. A true punk rock album reminding us of the reason why many bands started playing punk in the first place.

What does On The Front Line consist off exactly? Well like most of The Casualties‘ work, it’s very vocally driven. With fast paced vocals nearing the point of screaming, reminding us of what a true punk rock voice sounds like. Albeit, sometimes I can’t understand a word Jorge (the vocalist) is saying, but even that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the song and the power behind it. Backing up Jorge is Jake and Rick. Their vocals add a little extra dimension to it all. Be it the “oohs” in the background or screaming the chorus as hard as they can, each adds a extra layer to the sound of the band. Lyrically, the band has ventured more into the political side of things compared to usually. Songs like Leaders Of TodayTomorrow Belongs To Us and Criminal Class all have political feel to them. But they still know how to party and party is what they do.

The final verdict? On The Front Line is an album for any Casualties fan. It’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from this great NYC band. A perfect album to have spinning in your CD player when your pissed off or just want to get energized a bit. It is definitely a giant leap away from most of the “punk-rock” bands around, so if you don’t know much about them, you may be surprised. But give it a twirl and you’ll get used to it.