The Casualties – Under Attack

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The Casualties

Under Attack - SideOneDummy Records

Time may pass, you may grow old. Your hair will change, your belly will bulge. Trends will come, trends will go. Snow will fall, and it will melt. Wars wage on and societies changes. But at the end of the day,The Casualties will always be The Casualties, and nothing can change that.

Under Attack is the New York four piece’s return to the forefront, and it follows in the same format as all their previous release. It’s straight forward, angry, street punk, topped off with Jorge’s signature growl. He spits the lyrics at you in an almost incomprehensible way. Fast, angry and venomous his vocals are strong and consistent throughout the whole album – just like they’ve always been. The biggest change in the album is the among of gang vocals present on it. While they’ve always had the chants (who can ever forget “If The Kids Are United Then They’ll Never Be Divided!“), but this time they’ve taken the chants and put them into a more prominent role in the album. They swap seamlessly from Jorge’s scowl to the gang chants that will unify and energy any fan.

Lyrically, the songs follow in the path of On The Front Line, keeping a political feel throughout it all with songs like The System Failed Us Again, VIP, Fallen Heroes, and Down On Out. They attack the government, the policies, and pretty much “the man” but they also take a look at the little problems faced everyday. On City Streets talks about the unwillingness of regular people to help out the less fortunate.Social Outcast is a call for unity between all the outcasts, misfits and misunderstood, topped off with a surprising mini guitar solo slap bam in the middle.

The Casualties are The Casualties, and they always will be. The songs are fast and intense, even their slower songs are faster then most. The vocals are angry and venomous, and the gang chants are energizing. Of course, the album falls victim to the same thing the band always does, and that’s just that the songs start to blend after a while. But there’s enough gusto and angst that you’re able to look past that; and the chants normally help separate them too. It’s a definite progress when compared to On The Front Line, but it’s still a Casualties record – so you pretty much know what you’ll be getting.