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Goodness - Tint Engines Records

Boston’s The Hotelier have bought us Goodness, their third full length, via Tiny Engines Records. This is a band who have refined and developed their sound over the years, stylistically the only comparison I can make is that in places they Remind me of less adrenaline fuelled Smoking Popes. The Hotelier‘s Christian Holden possesses a similar kind of wistful and yearning vocal delivery that is very appealing, however, there is none of the urgency that the former band possesses.

Goodness opens with a monotone spoken word delivery, which if I’m honest goes on for a bit too long, before a strident drum beat kicks in for the prolonged intro to Goodness Part Two. The album is punctuated with intermissions, which whilst this works for the album as a complete work it tends to break things up and makes the experience of listening to Goodness a somewhat disjointed affair. Overall the core songs of this album are solid enough and overall this is a well crafted and thoughtful album, but ultimately I found that this washed over me, not in an unpleasant way, but there is nothing on here that really made me sit up and take notice.

This is an album made for lazy sunny afternoons, those days when nothing is planned and the hours just stretch out in front of you in an agreeable but unsatisfying way. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with Goodness, but for me it just quite reach the initial promise of the title track. I think The Hotelier could do with showing a bit more of their dark side, and a few more rough edges, to make them stick in your mind. Goodness may be a virtue but a bit of immorality makes life much more interesting.

Goodness can be purchased from The Hoteliers bancamp here