The Interrupters – Say It Out Loud

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The Interrupters

Say It Out Loud - Hellcat Records

This is Los Angeles based quartet The Interrupters second album, this sophomore release follows in the footsteps of their impressive self titled debut. This bears all the hallmarks of The Interrupters ska fuelled punk hybrid, this is an infectious and relentlessly upbeat album from start to finish. The opening track By My Side breaks into a joyous dance floor filling song which sets the tone for Say It Out Loud. This is immediately followed by one of the highlights of this release, She Got Arrested, a track which makes The Interrupters stance on domestic violence clear, a theme that’s revisited on Control, and that’s one of the many wonderful things about The Interrupters, they can convey serious political and social points, but achieve this with an infectious beat.

It’s no surprise that Tim Armstrong makes an appearance on vocals on this album, on the track Phantom City, I’d have been more surprised if he didn’t make an appearance. He is also responsible for production on this album, it was recorded at his studio, and at Travis Barker‘s Opra Studios, and they couldn’t have made a finer choice of person to have at the controls. He clearly understands and loves this band, he has captured the energy and passion The Interrupters bring to their live shows, and his touches and guidance have consolidated the Interrupters sound. You can hear the influence of Rancid on The Interrupters, but that isn’t to say that they are in anyway copying that band. Whilst Rancid are controlled fury with the punk element to the fore, The Interrupters let the beat lead the way.

This is a positive, upbeat and defiant album which is as good as pretty much anything else you’ll hear this year. There are common themes throughout the album, but the overriding theme is unity to those that you love and a healthy spirit of rebellion. There are many bands out there fusing ska with punk but I can only think of a few who manage to do it with the panache that The Interrupters have managed on Say It Out Loud. They have managed to make an album that has built on their excellent debut, Say It Out Loud will undoubtedly be in my top ten for the year come the end of 2016. This is a perfect merging of ska and punk, melding the finest elements of both genre’s with seemingly effortless style.

Say It Out Loud will be released on June 24th 2016 via Hellcat Records