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The Last Gang

Noise Noise Noise - Fat Wreck Chords

Noise Noise Noise has been a punk rallying cry since the last seventies when The Damned first issued this call for volume and chaos on the Machine Gun Etiquette album back in 1979, whilst The Last Gang’s resurrection of the battle cry is no wistful retrospective return to punk’s past, the defiance and anger is still reassuringly present. And let’s face it, there’s a lot to be angry about right now, but if you want to look for a positive there is usually one there, no matter how small or insignificant, and Noise Noise Noise is one such positive. With the pandemic halting plans and tours, The Last Gang had time to reflect and their latest full length is the result of the enforced sabbatical we have all been through.

The album’s title track kicks things off with a defiant dub that harks bark to the punk bands that pioneered the fusion of reggae and punk, the spirit of The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers and The Clash appears to be alive and well and embedded in the grooves of Noise Noise Noise. Next up is WFTW (We Fucked The World) that ups the pace but keeps the spirit of the opening track intact, something that gives you the sense that The Last Gang are have lit the fuse and the album is building towards detonation. Prosthetic Lost Cause cements that feeling as the anger and momentum builds before hitting the melodic Shameless, a track that hits it’s peak with a raw and impassioned vocal delivery from Brenna Red.

Panic Dreaming kicks off with an acoustic reggae opening before launching into full decibels, this is the kind of track that the Fat Wreck Chords stable is well known and loved for, and with NOFX’s Fat Mike and Useless ID’s Yotam Ben Horin taking on co-production roles this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Gimme Action keeps the rock steady rhythm going with Brenna Red spitting fury with her finest vocal delivery to date, as she hits the sweet spot between melody and raw punk rock. New Skin is another glorious reggae fused classic in waiting that blends into punk pop of Paris Green and the penultimate track, the chugging punk rock perfection of To The King. All the while The Last Gang have been building to a climax, and they don’t disappoint, Intelligence Is A Plague is the perfect summary of the interesting times we all live in.

Noise Noise Noise is the finest release from The Last Gang to date, inspired by the events of recent years, which also enabled the album to exist in the first place, this is personal, uplifting and brutally honest, no punches are pulled across the entire album, just as it oughta be. The album’s ten tracks echo the thoughts and feelings of the pandemic era, if nothing else this is a snapshot of a chaotic and turbulent time and asks the questions that no one seems to have the answers to, and if anyone does the have the answer they’ll probably be shouted down by a failed actor or a singer who has decided to alienate his fan base. There’s a long list of suspects, and The Last Gang have them all in their sights.

“I write music just to be alive. I hope there’s something that can be taken from it to make you feel that electricity inside of yourself, whether happiness, pain, bittersweet memories… Just pick apart the art and put it inside of your own life.” (Brenna Red)

Noise Noise Noise can be pre-ordered via Fat Wreck Chords