The Ramones – End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones [DVD]

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The Ramones

End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones [DVD] - Sire Records

The Ramones never received main stream success like they had hoped, instead, they sat back and watch all the bands that they inspired hit it big and become known world-wide. It wasn’t until the members start to pass away that people really started to recognize the band for what they had done for the music scene. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones is their story. All the way from the beginning to the end, The Ramones take you on a journey and let you see the inner workings of one of the most influential bands of all time.

The documentary features interviews of all the key players in the ramones: Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny, Marky, Tommy, C.J. and Richie along with friends like Joe Strummer, Lars Frederiksen, Blondie, creators of Punk Magazine, their old neighborhood friends, and Joey’s family.

They start off with the band being inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame before going into their story of childhood and how they came to be The Ramones. The documentary shows where they used to hang out, and where they once lived in Forest Hills. The story starts off easily, Johnny Ramone wanted a band and called his friends Tommy and Dee Dee to come and play. They then brought in Joey to play drums, and then one practice the tall, obsessive compulsive, freakish out-cast took the mic and started singing. The band loved it, shuffled their format around and voila: The Ramones where alive.

Watching The Story Of The Ramones, even the biggest Ramones fan will learn something new. You learn about their goal, which was surprisingly to make it big, everyone’s different position in the band, how everyone felt about one another, why different members left the band, how they felt working with Phil Spectre, and basically anything else you could imagine and even some things you couldn’t. You learn their rituals, their fights, their pastimes, and everything. Some critics were saying that the documentary didn’t cover the fight between Johnny and Joey enough. How Johnny stole Joey’s girlfriend, Linda, and ended up marrying her. But really, they talk about it just the right amount. Enough to give you the details, without prying into their personal lives way too much.

While watching the DVD, there’s only a few things I think they were missing. The documentary only goes up to their induction to the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame and ends by telling the viewer that Dee Dee died two months later after an overdose. I wish they went a bit further, even just in the bonus features, and talked about Dee Dee’s death, along with Johnny’s. Show New York renaming a road dedicated to The Ramones and even the unveiling of the statue of Johnny Ramone in New York. That would have given the album a bit more of a closure, but a lot of those events were probably a little too recent to be featured in it.

End Of The Century is a must-have for any Ramones fan or music fan in general. It shows how a band, who at times absolutely hates each other and barely talks, can still become one of the world’s bests; even if the members themselves never got to see their true success.