The Resistance – Revenge On The Riverside

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The Resitance

Revenge On The Riverside - Union 2112 Records

The Resistance are the newest family member of the Union Label Group as the Selkirk, Manitoba quartet joins the ranks of Down By Law, Snuff and Belvedere on the Union 2112 roster. The melodic, female fronted band hasn’t given us anything new with Revenge On The Riverside, but have still given us an infectious and enjoyable album.

Think of the darkness of Alkaline Trio, the eeriness of AFI, the gruffness of Brody Dalle from The Distillers and the poppyness of Agent M from Tsunami Bomb, and you can get a slight idea of The Resistance. It is blistering guitar work with aggressive melodies that portrays a sense of maturity even though they are such a young band. The vocals are quick and catchy, sometimes, like on Revenge On The Riverside, they have a eerie quality to them similar to The Rumours or AFI while other times they are more along the lines of Agent M.

The well crafted songs help bring the album up to a new level with infectious punk melodies with lyrics that are dark and slightly depressing most of the time (My Empty Should /Nowhere To Go/ I Always Make The Sacrifice – Dead Singers Club) but also portray a sense of hopefulness in there too; like a candle lighting in the darkness with songs like Dollhouse which proudly states You’re not Perfect So Open / These Doors And Let Me Free / Mistakes You Made Cannot Be/ Undone By You Controlling Me/ Your Dollhouse Won’t Take Over Me!.

Revenge On The Riverside isn’t anything spectacular, but it does supply enough upbeat pop-punk to keep any listener entertained for hours. The only real downside is that it is hard to decipher one song from the other, then tend to melt into one another with only the choruses that really stick out amongst the mess. But if you don’t mind that, then this CD will be a good choice.