These Arms Are Snakes – Duct Tape And Shivering Crows

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These Arms Are Snakes

Duct Tape And Shivering Crows - Suicide Squeeze Records

This synth punk/hardcore, psychedelic/rock, and a splash of funk for good measure band formed originally after the demise of noise bands Botch and Killsadie, These Arms Are Snakes had a reasonably short explosion of sound in the early 2000s and released three albums along with many Ep’s and splits, toured relentlessly, before splitting in 2009.

Then came 2021 and after those 12 years of being lost in the wilderness, they were somehow thrown back together. 

Now comes what we believe could be the prequel to the fresh new music that if you were a fan back in the day, will be looking forward to excitedly, but until then, this release gives you a step back in time to when they stomped around the world with a big following in tow, rarities that are much more than just the usual best of that other bands fall back on.

© These Arms Are Snakes Photo by: Robin Laananen

So how does this album figure in the grand scheme of life that blows around us in 2022?.  Well lets just start by saying the opener ‘Meet Your Mayor’ kinda blew me off my seat (figuratively speaking), nothing here that feels out of place with musical trends today, in fact your struck by how non ageing their music actually is, plenty of non melodic rock that going by ‘Camera Shy’ which has been released with an accompanying video, will be welcomed, as it should be, fresh as the day it was written, this song gives you an insight as does the next up ‘Trix’, into the slightly flamboyant way this band approach’s their hardened rock style.

The first real sign of synth infused rock, drops in the form of ‘Energy Drink And the Walk Home’, a rather theatrical rock approach gives this my track of the album award, the song makes you feel like you’ve just overdosed on caffeine for sure.

Other stand outs come in the form of the most eclectic additions to this album, ‘Payday Loans’ adds the psychedelic, ‘Run It Through The Dog’ (a demo version) flips some hardcore on its head, then ‘Diggers Of Ditches’ (they know how to name songs don’t they) is a moment of….., well its a moment anyway.  

If your a fan from the beginning, you’ll love this, if your new, it might take some time to get it totally, but its not an album to give the cold shoulder to all the same.

Out via Suicide Squeeze Records on April 15th

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