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Head Full Of Snakes - Red Scare Industries

Tightwire are quite simply a pop punk band that has traversed the very scary pit of death that awaits most bands in this genre, to be blunt about it, this is a genre that is filled to the brim with wannabe’s and not all can find that magic something that lifts them above the parapet, this band has, whether it be by luck or skill is something you can make your mind up about in the time it takes you to get through the 12 songs of this their second album, Head Full Of Snakes, which is not a very long time by the way, this would be an album the Ramones or even the Dickies would be proud of.

The title track is the first to hear out of the trap, a song that kicks off in a very “oh shit what’s this metal/indie crap I’ve just put on” moment, but with in no time at all your lifted by a Blink 182 on speed second track ‘Party’ immediately has you realising why this band have made it to of the fog and into the light of day.  With songs that last no longer than an average 2 mins, you are hard pushed to draw breath, with elements of Alkaline Trio poking through in ‘Smoke Machine’ and ‘Bitter Pill’ but with both being a much more light hearted affair, and this is the first track that offers up the Bass lines that stand at the fore in a majority of the songs, which is 100% a trait that lifts this album. The Copyrights are a band that you could liken some of these songs, but then you can also name the likes of NOFX and Starter Jackets, the likes of ‘Bad Decisions’, ‘Shakin’ and ‘Rehab Again’ standing out.  

There’s nothing ground breaking in this 12 track album, but its pop punk at its finest and this band have the right idea on how you need to take the Screaching Weasel by the tail and shake it until it throws out some pretty sick tunes, the bass lines that are thrown to the top alone, win it for me! 

And boom it was done! (not sure about the Christmas song though).

Out now via Red Scare Industries

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