Toy Cars – Sleeping Patterns EP

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Toy Cars

Sleeping Patterns - Counter Intuitive Records / Sniffling Indie Kids

Toy Cars were formed back in the summer of 2014, they self recorded and released the Red Hands EP in 2014, since that time there have been a number of line up changes prior to Toy Cars settling into the current stable line up of Matt DeBenedetti, Chris Beninato, Matt Caponegro and Michael LinardiSleeping Patterns is the follow up to last years highly acclaimed self released EP, Letters.

The album opens with Bjork, this track is distinctly in the heartland rock territory that The Gaslight Anthem trod prior to their hibernation and the second track, Books, also treads the same ground, but in a slightly more strident manner. The riff on this number is heavily reminiscent of The Clash‘s classic Should I Stay Or Should I Go, in fact it’s so similar I’d even be tempted to call it a reworking of that fine song. Sleeping Patterns then heads in a different direction, the acoustic number Dull is a melancholy counterpoint in the EP before Stone breathes life back into Sleeping Patterns with it’s strident drum beat and anthemic chorus, which is very heavy on the woah’s. The final song Albatross starts with a melodic picked guitar riff before it builds up into a familiar anthemic refrain and before you know it Sleeping Patterns is over in what has been a rather enjoyable quarter of an hour.

There are obvious comparisons between Toy Cars and the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, Kevin Devine, Brand New and even a hint of Arcade Fire, having read that you should have a fairly good idea of where this EP is coming from, whilst the influences and style may be familiar Toy Cars very much have their own take on this style. Sleeping Patterns is a something of a gem of an EP, if you’re in anyway a fan of this genre then I’d recommend you get your hands on this EP, you can thank me later.

Sleeping Patterns is due for release on September 16th and can be ordered here