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Tsunami Bomb

The Spine That Binds - Alternative Tenticles

Tsunami Bomb are back!  “The Spine That Binds” believe it or not this is only their 3rd full length offering and having to wait 15 years since the last album, fans will be chomping at the bit. 

Formed in 1998 and having a changing line up over the years, they still have a cult following, so we are sure this album is gonna shake things up just a little!.

 This new release finds the quintet brought to life with the return of founders Dominic Davi (bass/backing vocals), Oobliette Sparks (keyboards/co-lead vocals), and Gabriel Lindeman (drums). Joined by Kate Jacobi (lead vocals) and Andrew Pohl (guitars/backing vocals), bringing their style of Melodic Punk with a dark edge which has always been able to cross over between the varying styles of punk around.

From the outset this album has all the hallmarks of Tsunami Bomb that the hardcore fans of the band will immediately recognise. The first track “Tidal” is awash with a thumping back beat that has always been their defining sound, with a wonderful softer back tone of synth flowing through the whole song.  

With “The Naysayers” & “Dead Men Can’t Catcall” showing how not loosing your fight and ability to call out on those that disbelieved or who’s expectations were misplaced, delivered throughout with all the anger and passion you might expect from Tsunami Bomb.

But hang on, wait a minute!  Are we just delivered an album that makes the listener fall into the dark depths and not be able to jump out?  The answer is found in the form of “Sinkhole”,  “Petaluma” (latest single) & “Last Call”  all full of foot tapping anthemic beauty, packed to the rafters with vocal wonderfulness and those thumping Bass n Drum beats that flow through every track, not to mention those soft Synth/keyboard additions that set this album apart from the majority of their previous work, without losing the fierceness.

Still drawing on Tsunami Bombs legacy they are still also able to pull off what is undoubtably the catchiest song of the album with “Lullaby For The End Of The World” lyrically nothing like the rarity of “Mushy Love Song” from their past, but musically a cult song in the making!

Brings us to the Final track, and yes! What a song to end with, you get the feeling this is not the end though.  The title track “The Spine That Binds” filled with everything that is Tsunami Bomb and more, with words like “This is our story, our fight, our song”, a break from the world of music yes, a break from the fight no! 

TSUNAMI BOMB are back! with something that not only needs to be heard, it demands to be heard!

“It Was Never Meant To be Goodbye”

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