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MFZB - Columbia Records

It’s been three years since we last heard new material from Zebrahead. In that time they wrote and recorded 90 songs; they then carefully went through them and picked the best 16 songs (15 and one bonus) and mixed them together to create MZFB. The band obviously put some major thought into their choices for tracks; as their latest album demonstrates the growth and skill that this unique group possesses.

Zebrahead is well known for their special blend of pop-punk and rap like vocals. Their latest efforts does not teeter away from that in anyway, they keep their same sound: catchy vocals (be it in rap form by Ali Tabatabaee or pop-punk/punk from by Justin Mauriello) supported by catchy guitar riffs, pummeling rhythms, amazing chords, great hooks all backed up by the great drumming styles of Ed Udhus.

The major difference between this release and their 2000 release (Playmate Of The Year) is the simple maturity in the lyrics. Before they sung about playboy magazine and troubled teen-age years. Now they sing about betrayal, domestic troubles and relationship problems.

One added bonus on the album is the 15th track, Dear You (Far Away). Which is the band’s first acoustic track. The song is done very effectively and is a perfect way to end the energizing album. It’s smooth, soft, catchy and just plain relaxing. But don’t worry, they haven’t mellowed out at all. The songs are still fast paced, high energy, foot taping songs which gets your heart beating. Songs like AloneStrength andRescue Me all provide you with a certain amount of energy.

This album is definitely worth picking up. You can listen to it over and over again with it never gotten repetitive or boresome. It will be gracing the top 10 list of many reviewers at the end of the year.