The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt Reveal Title Track From Upcoming Album “Devil In Berlin”

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Hound Gawd! Records have announced the Devil In Berlin, the new full length by The Cutthroat Brothers And Mike Watt that will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats on December 3rd. The trio’s Record Store Day release was such a hit that the Brothers and Watt are back, this time with an album of all new material. The album’s bawdy and bruising title track shakes and swings like the Berlin based Burlesque troupe, The Velvet Creepers, who are featured on the artwork and restricted video and seen performing with The Cutthroat Brothers on tour.

The gruesome twosome, along with punk legend Mike Watt (Minutemen / Firehose) are back in road sharpened form. Jason Cutthroat‘s grinding, straight razor slide guitar and Donny Paycheck‘s (Zeke) pummeling, heavy-as-hell drums beat down on you in a blues punk soaked fever. Mike Watt provides the blood-like glue that brings the monster’s heart to life.

Devil in Berlin oozes a seedy, primal slime that grips onto and feeds greedily off of audience energy and can only survive in the dark corners of the soul. Each track a sordid, sinful sketch that can be directly attached to a night on tour. Jack Endino produces and mixes the album, his fifth collaboration with The Cutthroat Brothers to date, honing the Devil In Berlin to a razor sharp edge fit to shave Satan himself. If The Cutthroat Brothers made a deal with the Devil, this is the soundtrack to the signing party.

You can pre-order The Devil In Berlin via Hound Gawd! Records