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Dude York

Falling - Hardly Art

Seattle trio Dude York have returned with their brand new full-length “Falling“, their personal tribute to adolescent romance and the pop-punk soundtrack of their youth, from this you can deduce that “Falling” is obviously a wilfully nostalgic full length, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia providing you don’t become mired in an attempt to recreate the past. No matter how much we would like to go back and change or relive things, and right now there is an understandable urge for many to look back at the past affectionately given the state of the world right now, but you cannot recreate the past as music is usually a product of the events of it’s era, fortunately Dude York‘s latest full length just gives affectionate nods to the soundtrack and experiences of the past rather being fully immersed in yesteryear.

There are strands of the soundtrack to the band’s youth throughout the album, elements of 90’s indie, alternative and punk pop are artfully blended together, each track seems to pick up on a different strand of their influences giving “Falling” the feel of a compilation rather than a coherent album, this is no way deriding Dude York‘s latest release, it’s just the shift in style on each track is so marked you could be forgiven for thinking you’d hit shuffle and were listening to a random selection of bands. There are some exceptional moments on this rose tinted release, Unexpected and the album’s title track are both exhilarating slabs of driven perfect pop punk, if you have a longing for the days when Jimmy Eat World, Pixies, The Strokes and Third Eye Blind dominated the airwaves then “Falling” could well be the perfect soundtrack to your Summer.

Falling will be released on the 26th July & can be pre-ordered on all formats via Hardly Art and Bandcamp.

Dude York‘s website can be found here